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Kamis, 15 Maret 2012

[TRACK LIST] Ost. Dream High 2

[TRACK LIST] Ost. Dream High 2

Part 1:
- Falling By. Park Jin Young

Part 2:
- You're My Star By. Suzy "Miss A"

Part 3:
- Hello to MySelf By. Ye Eun "Wonder Girl"

Part 4:
- Superstar By. Jiyeon "T~ARA", Hyorin "SISTAR" & Ailee

Part 5:
- Sick of Hope By. Lee Ki Chan

Part 6:
- We are the B By. Jinwoon, Ji Soo & Kang Sora

Versi Ripping:
- SuperStar By. Leann, Nana & Ailee
- Genie By. Hong Joo
- You Walking Toward Me By. Jin Woon
- Can't Stop By. JB & Si Woo "Eden"
- Can't Stop (versi Rock) By. Jin Yoo Jin "Street Band"
- Top Girl By. Nana & Ailee "HershE"
- Trouble Maker By. Kahi
- Roly Poly By. Leann & Nana "HershE"
- I am the Best By. JYP
- Wishing on a Star By. Hye Sung
- The DJ is Mine By. Kahi & JYP
- I Need a Girl By. Hye Sung & JB

Versi Penyanyi Asli:
- You Walking Toward Me By. Jin Woon "2AM"
- This Song By. 2AM
- Top Girl By. G.Na
- SuperStar By. Lee Han Chul
- When I Can't Sing By. Se7en
- Trouble Maker By. Hyuna "4Minutes" & HyunSeung "BEAST"
- On Rainy Days By. BEAST
- Roly Poly By. T~ARA
- I Am The Best By. 2NE1
- Beautiful Dance By. Bye Bye Sea
- Starlight is Falling By. Bye Bye Sea
- In the Rain By. John Park
- Love Rain By. Kim Tae Woo
- One Candle By. G.O.D
- Tasty By. SanE feat Min "Miss A"
- Wishing on a Star By. Wonder Girls
- The DJ is Mine By. Wonder Girls
- I Need a Girl By. Taeyang "Big Bang"
- HeartBreaker By. GD "Big Bang"
- The Covered of Road By. Kim Hyun Shik
- Personality By. Riaa
- Tell Me Your Wish [Genie] By. SNSD

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